Dating back to Egyptian times Sugaring has been an effective way of unwanted hair removal which is suitable for all skin types. It can be used on any part of the body and is very safe to use even on sensitive skin. Waxing does remove unwanted hair but Sugaring removal is just as effective, far more gentle, less painful and available in Beeston, Nottingham.

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The Basics of Sugaring

Sugar paste is made from natural ingredients which form a gel which unlike wax does not adhere to the skin, it only adheres to the hair which is being removed. Sugar paste removes unwanted hair from the root in the same way as wax, but unlike wax the hair is removed in the natural direction of growth as opposed to being removed against the direction of growth. These two factors make Sugaring more gentle and less painful than Waxing. Another bonus with removing the hair in the direction of growth is that breakage of the hair is minimised so a smoother result can be achieved leaving less chance of the hair ingrowing. Sugar paste is also easy clean off simply by using water, unlike wax, all the ingredients are water soluble so dissolve and rinse away.

Here at Sassy Sugaring we produce our own sugar paste to a formula we have been perfecting since 1986. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients we believe our sugar paste to be the best available. In addition to offering Sugaring at my studio we also supply Sugaring Kits so you can sugar yourself at home.